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Who Is Tickle Tune Typhoon?

Who is TTT?

Music Makers, Consummate Creators, and Lovers of All Living Things

TTT was founded in 1980 with a shared vision—to live in a world where hope and humanity prevail. The founders knew this change must start with our youth. With every song sung, every word written, and every dance danced, they aspire to help give children love, respect, and opportunities to learn and experience joy. May we all know and grow in peace. 


What's All This About A New Album?

New Album

While Tickle Tune may have moved on from producing live performances, founder Dennis Westphall never stopped creating. Over the last 20 years, Dennis has written some of his best tunes. He called in his old bandmates and, with the help of producer extraordinaire, Charlie Wilson of Sonic Zen Records, recorded a brand new album for a new generation – Born to Be Child - undeniably TTT’s best album yet! 


Three Cheers for TTT!

"Move over Sesame Street, the Tickle Tune Typhoon have made a record."
-New York Times

Parents Choice Awards: 1984, 1985, 1989, 1991, 1994, 2001

California Children's Video Award, "Best Live Action": Let's Be Friends, Live In-Concert in 1990

Extra, Extra! Read All About Us

Articles and Accolades Through the Years


The Tale of Tickle Tune Typhoon

TTT Adventure

Take a Walk With Us Through Time

TTT releases first album "Circle Around", which wins the 1984 Parents' Choice Award & ALA Notable Children's Recording Award! 

TTT is the opening act on the highly acclaimed, state-of-the-art Wolf Trap Performance Stage in Vienna, Virginia.

"Let's Be Friends" wins California Children's Video Award (Best Live Action) and has its national broadcast debut on the Disney channel 
TTT produces and records music for seventeen Big Books published by The Wright Group, subsidiary of McGraw Hill.
TTT writes and produces the music for Microsoft's CD Rom series, "Explorapedia", and later for their reading programs.
TTT is chosen to be in "The Music Connection", taught in elementary programs nationwide.
TTT selected to perform exclusively for high profile international political players.
TTT collaborates with Committee for Children for  curriculum teaching non-violence and pro-social values. 
TTT releases its latest and greatest album yet— Born to be Child!
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