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It's Time to Rock Out!

Circle Around

Circle Around

America's Answer to Canada's Sharon, Lois, and Bram! Eight talented performers who are Tickle Tune regulars have collaborated to make an engaging record with parent, teacher, and child appeal.
Young Children
hug the earth lp front cover-redo.jpg

Hug the Earth

The first album by the Seattle-based Tickle Tune Typhoon was the best children's album I have ever heard. Their second album, Hug the Earth, is better.

Jim Kershner, Valley Newspapers

all of us will shine lp front cover-redo.jpg

All of Us Will Shine

This album is a masterpiece. I know some may dismiss it, "Oh, a children's album..." but, it's more than that; it's music for ALL people...a celebration of life.

Diane Schulstad, Victory Music

keep the spirit lp front cover-redo.jpg

Keep the Spirit

This joyous musical celebration retains the true essence of the holidays, which may easily be overshadowed by commercialism.

Ruth F. Block, The Big Apple Parents' Paper

hearts and hands cd front cover-redo.jpg

Hearts and Hands

TTT's tapes are musically superb, with songs that capture the silliness of youth as well as deliver powerful and important messages.

All About Kids

healthy beginnings cd front cover-redo.jpg

Healthy Beginnings

Fine performances make the educational and values message fun.

Laurie Tynan, Emergency Librarian

patty-cakes and peek-a-boos cd front cover-redo.jpg

Baby Tickle Tunes: Patty-Cakes and Peek-a-Boos

Simple songs and melodies that invite little ones to keep times to the music with both music and bodies. The liner notes also encourage parents to "jump in, play, and learn with the children."

Northwest Baby & Child

singing science cd mlp version front cover.jpg

Singing Science

Fun enough for car drives and educational enough for the classroom, this is one welcome new species.

Publishers Weekly


Born to Be Child

Our latest and greatest album yet!

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