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Adding Up The Families

Adding Up The Families

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Adding Up The Families
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One wildebeast plus one wildebeast makes two wildebeast, a couple wildebeast
A couple wildebeast have one baby, it's a three wildebeast family
If fifty wildebeast couples have one baby each you have one hundred fifty
wildebeasts. That's a herd.

One orca whale plus one orca whale makes two orca whales, a couple orca whales
A couple orca whales have one baby it's a three orca whale family
If four orca couples have one baby each you have twelve orca whales out in the sea
That's a pod.

One amoeba plus one amoeba makes two amoebas a couple amoebas
When one amoeba divides in two, it's a three amoebean family
When these three amoebas divide in two you have a six amoebean family
In the pond.

Every family needs a place to raise their young , year by year so
generations can be counted, and not add up to zero

One snow goose plus one snow goose makes two snow geese, a couple snow geese
A couple snow geese have eight babies it's a ten snow geese family
If ten snow geese couples have eight babies each you have one hundred snow geese
migrating. That's a flock.

One honey bee plus one honey bee makes two honey bees a couple honey bees
Add one queen bee for company, it's a three honey bee family
If one single queen bee lays one thousand eggs you have one thousand three honey
bees. That's a hive.

One salmon plus one salmon makes two salmon, a couple salmon
A couple salmon have fifty babies it's a fifty two salmon family
If six salmon couples have fifty babies each you have three hundred and twelve
salmon . That's a school.

Every family needs a place to raise their young, year by year, so
Generations can be counted, and not add up to zero
One family plus one family makes two families a couple families
And all families add up to one animal kingdom

Adding Up The Families

 Song Credits:

Music and Lyrics by Dennis Westphall

 Album Credits:

Founding directors and executive producers of Tickle Tune Typhoon:
Lorraine Bayes and Dennis Westphall
Produced by Dennis Westphall and Nick Moore
Arranged and orchestrated by Nick Moore
For the Microsoft® "Explorapedia" Children's lnteractive Encyclopedia
Songs produced and arranged by Danny Deardorff

Recording and Mixing Engineers: Jim Bachman at JB Productions and Larz Nefzger at Triad Studios
Cover Art and Design: Kathryn Rathke
Package Layout: Sally Porter & Doug Haverty

The Tickle Tune Typhoon Performers:
Dennis Westphall - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Lorraine Bayes - Lead Vocals, Autoharp
Angie Bolton - Lead Vocals, Percussion
Richard Warner - Saxophone, Flutes
Eric Chappelle - Violin, Mandolin

Contributing Musicians:
Nick Moore - Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizers
Danny Deardorff - Lead Vocals, Mandolin
Murl Allen Sanders - Accordion
Michael Eads - Electric Guitar
Chris Middaugh - Pedal Steel Guitar
Terry Lauber - Pedal Steel Guitar, Vocals
Paul Elliott - Horns
Dewey Marler - Horns
Ed Hartman- Maribas, Percussion
Chuck Deardorff - Upright Bass
Nancy Rumbel - Oboe, English Horn, Ocarinas
Brian Pertl - Didgeridoo
Mark Ivester - Drums and Hand Percussion

String Section:
Marlene Weaver, Dan Williams
Eileen Swanson, Christine Olason

Contributing Vocalists:
Jennifer Lind, Kelly Hardland
Libby Torrance

The Children's Chorus on "Weights and Measures":
Lauren Govier, Alison Kimble, Krisanna Reift, Dana Sedgwick, Alyssa Wiblitzhouser
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