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Brains! Brains! I have brains
Thinkin’ thinkin’
From the cranium
Brains! Brains! I have brains
Thinkin’ thinkin’
From the cranium

I think I’ve got
I think I’ve got a thought
An idea that I’ve thought about
Thinking thoughtful thoughts
Storing up my memory
My head is full of something
With a great capacity

The dictionary says
Your brain is a part of the central
Nervous system
It is responsible for interpretation
Of sensory impulses
Coordination and control of bodily activity
And exercise of
Emotions and thought
Turning on the brain power
Very stimulating getting
Smarter by the hour with

Use your brain, use your brain
Use your brain, use your brain
Be an intellectual
Someone quite perceptual
Someone with exceptional waves
Brain waves

Left Right Left Right brain
Left Right Left Right brain

Two halves make a brain we know
They work together as a whole
Use your left brain
Use your right brain
Use your left brain, right brain
Left brain, whole brain

You surmise, analyze
Verbalize and scrutinize
Use your left brain, use your right brain
You’re logical, emotional
Your visual and physical
Use your left brain, use your right brain
To create, contemplate
Calculate and meditate
On and on and on and on it goes
It knows without knowing
How it knows
In your head it’s never dead
In our skull it’s never dull
In your noggin there’s a lot and
In your noodle you have
Oodles and oodles of brains


 Song Credits:

© 1990 Music and Lyrics by Dennis Westphall

 Album Credits:

Produced and arranged by Danny Deardorff

Engineered by Larz Nefzger

Tickle Tune Typhoon Performers
Lorraine Bayes – Vocals – Autoharp
Dennis Westphall – Vocals – Guitar
Danny Deardorff – Vocals – Mandolin – Sequences
Angie Bolton – Vocals
Nick Moore – Piano – Keyboards
Richard Warner – Saxophone – Flute

Contributing Musicians
Nancy Rumbel – English Horn – Oboe – Ocarinas
Eric Tingstad – Classical and Accoustic Guitar
Eric Chappelle – Fiddle
Michael Eads – Electric Guitar
John Morton – Electric Guitar
Chris Middaugh – Pedal Steel Guitar
Murl Allen Sanders – Accordian
Ed Hartman – Percussion and Marimba
Randy Johnson, Kelly Harland, Tonya Ferris – Guest vocalists on Harvest Blessing
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