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Don't Throw Away

Don't Throw Away

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Don't Throw Away
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Do you know? Do you know where your garbage

To the land, in the air, on the sea, most definitely
You can't just throw it away
To here or there it's just going to stay

So don't throw away, recycle it today
We can reuse it
Don't throw away garbage today
We can reduce it

Hip hooray! Hip hoorayl
It's the organic way
Giving back to the earth naturally
helps save energy
Composting can't really hurt
Giving vitamins back to the dirt

Remember, remember we can find a
way to save it for another day
Remember, remember future
generations benefit from conservation
Don't throw away, use it all again
We all can do it

Plant a tree, plant a tree,
oh let's keep it green
Water flows, H20, helps you grow,
so let's keep it clean
Refuse the stuff they invent
That messes up the environment

We can reduce it
We can reuse it
We can refuse it
We can recycle
We all can do it

Don't Throw Away

 Song Credits:

© 1992 Words and Music by Lorraine Bayes and Dennis Westphall

 Album Credits:

Executive Producers: Comprehensive Health Education Foundation
and Tickle Tune Typhoon®

Produced and Arranged by Daniel Deardorff

Tickle Tune Typhoon® Founding Directors Lorraine Bayes, Dennis Westphall
Engineered by Larz Nefzger - Triad Studios, Redmond, WA

Mastered by Bill Lighter - K Disc Studios, Hollywood, CA

The Tickle Tune Typhoon® Performers:
Lorraine Bayes - Vocals
Dennis Westphall - Guitars, Vocals
Daniel Deardorff - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Sequenced Bass Drums and Orchestration
Angie Bolton - Vocals
Nick Moore - Acoustic Piano and Synthesizers
Richard Warner - Saxophones, Flute and Piccolo

Contributing Musicians:
Bob Marcure - Guitar on "Everybody Has a Story"
Eric Chappelle - Fiddle on "Life Span"
Ed Hartman - Marimba and Percussion on "Playin' It Safe"
Chris Middaugh - Pedal Steel Guitar on "No Tobacco"
Libby Torrence - Vocals on "March of the Germs"
Dan Schmitt - Vocals on "March of the Germs"
Tanya Ferris - Vocals on
"Chew Chew Cha Cha"
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