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Home on the Sea

Home on the Sea

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Home on the Sea
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Oh find me a home where invertebrates roam
Where they live without backbones all day
And maybe you've heard an invertebrate word
In each habitat life has its way

Now sponges reside below the tide
Attached to a rock in the sea
And in tidal pools are many house rules
It’s home for sea anemones
The arthropods have hard outer bods
Like crabs that scavenge for snacks
Some live in the rocks, some live in the sand
Some carry their house on their backs
Jellyfish ride on the currents and tides
On the wide ocean range traveling
The ocean is home where they float and they roam
Capture food that their tentacles sting

Home, home on the sea
They're neighbors to you and to me
We live side by side through each turning tide
We're all part of a community

Below the waves in a small rocky cave
An octopus sleeps in her den
And clams make a shell in which they can dwell
In a cobblestone beach, burrowed in
The nudibranch likes to give thanks,
For his house is among seaweed beds
And mussels hold tight with all of their might
To rocks attached by a strong thread

In the rocky spray zone lives a family well know,
The barnacles come out to play
They build on the rocks, watch out where you walk,
You could crush the plate houses they’ve made.


So everyday as you go your way
To venture, explore and to roam
There's a welcome mat at each habitat
Just remember its somebody's home


Home on the Sea

 Song Credits:

To the tune "Home On the Range"
©1873 by Brewster Higley and Dan Kelly
Lyrics by Dennis Westphall ©1997

 Album Credits:

Founding directors and executive producers of Tickle Tune Typhoon:
Lorraine Bayes and Dennis Westphall
Produced by Dennis Westphall and Nick Moore
Arranged and orchestrated by Nick Moore
For the Microsoft® "Explorapedia" Children's lnteractive Encyclopedia
Songs produced and arranged by Danny Deardorff

Recording and Mixing Engineers: Jim Bachman at JB Productions and Larz Nefzger at Triad Studios
Cover Art and Design: Kathryn Rathke
Package Layout: Sally Porter & Doug Haverty

The Tickle Tune Typhoon Performers:
Dennis Westphall - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Lorraine Bayes - Lead Vocals, Autoharp
Angie Bolton - Lead Vocals, Percussion
Richard Warner - Saxophone, Flutes
Eric Chappelle - Violin, Mandolin

Contributing Musicians:
Nick Moore - Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizers
Danny Deardorff - Lead Vocals, Mandolin
Murl Allen Sanders - Accordion
Michael Eads - Electric Guitar
Chris Middaugh - Pedal Steel Guitar
Terry Lauber - Pedal Steel Guitar, Vocals
Paul Elliott - Horns
Dewey Marler - Horns
Ed Hartman- Maribas, Percussion
Chuck Deardorff - Upright Bass
Nancy Rumbel - Oboe, English Horn, Ocarinas
Brian Pertl - Didgeridoo
Mark Ivester - Drums and Hand Percussion

String Section:
Marlene Weaver, Dan Williams
Eileen Swanson, Christine Olason

Contributing Vocalists:
Jennifer Lind, Kelly Hardland
Libby Torrance

The Children's Chorus on "Weights and Measures":
Lauren Govier, Alison Kimble, Krisanna Reift, Dana Sedgwick, Alyssa Wiblitzhouser
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