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I’m So Organized

I’m So Organized

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I’m So Organized
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I’m so organized internally it’s true
I got a belly full of organs just like you

Your stomach, it likes digestin’ what you’re injestin’
It starts to decompose your food
In the intestines, it all gets pressed in
The food is destined for you to use
When you need satisfaction put your pancreas in action
That organ you know can’t wait to break down a carbohydrate
With enzymes very strong, it helps digestion move right along


Your liver really delivers if you give yours nutrients and protein
Supplying vitamins and the minerals to feed your blood cells just what they need
When you’ve got to go you know your kidneys are right there workin’
They control body water and make it turn to urine
It’s filling up your bladder, oh
It lets you know when it is time to go


Your spleen helps keep you clean
Filtering all your blood, it comes as no surprise
Organs forever, they work together
A healthy body is well organized


I’m So Organized

 Song Credits:

Dennis Westphall - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Tara King - Vocals
Dan Schmitt - Bass
James Foster - Drums
Ajayi Jackson - Percussion
Charlie Wilson - Trombone, Percussion
Erik Yates - Clarinet

 Album Credits:

Composed by Dennis Westphall (BMI)
Founding Directors, Dennis Westphall and Lorraine Bayes
Produced & Arranged by Charlie Wilson
Executive Producer, Kathy Wilson
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Charlie Wilson
at Sonic Zen Records, Oakland, CA
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