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Muscle Power

Muscle Power

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Muscle Power
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Give me body motion, I keep myself a goin’ with that muscle power
You know I’m a mover, I’m a shaker, I’m a doer with that muscle power
Exercise my muscles all the way for muscle power everyday

To keep myself movin’ along muscles are connected to my skeleton
Everything I’m doing I do with muscles I can jump, with muscles I can chew
Biceps in my arms, that’s great
Makes me strong to lift that weight


A shoulder has a trapezius. You’ll find yourself sitting on a gluteus maximus
To fun with some power and pep, try muscles in your legs called quadriceps
Muscles every place
They give expression to your face


Stretch and flex a muscle
Stretch and flex a muscle
Stretch and flex a muscle
You are very, very muscular


Muscle power everyday, muscle power
Muscle power everyday muscle power

Muscle Power

 Song Credits:

Dennis Westphall - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Graham Patzner - Electric Guitar
Dan Schmitt - Bass, Vocals
James Foster - Drums
Tara King - Vocals
Angie Bolton - Vocals
Charlie Wilson - Vocals, Percussion
Ajayi Jackson - Percussion

 Album Credits:

Composed by Dennis Westphall (BMI)
Founding Directors, Dennis Westphall and Lorraine Bayes
Produced & Arranged by Charlie Wilson
Executive Producer, Kathy Wilson
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Charlie Wilson
at Sonic Zen Records, Oakland, CA
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