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Oh, Henry! Rap

Oh, Henry! Rap

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Oh, Henry! Rap
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I went to the school
and what happened then
I forgot my ruler,
I forgot my pen
I guess I'll have to go home again

My teacher said, "Oh, Henry
Oh, Henryl Oh, Henry!
Oh, Henry! Oh, Henry!

Then I went home
and what do you think?
I went to the kitchen to get a drink
I dropped my glass right into the sink
And my mom said, "Oh, Henry"

I went back to school
and while on the way
I chased a cat, now what can I say
I crossed the street.
and I started to play
And the crossing guard said, "Oh, Henry"

In the lunchroom
while eating my lunch
I found some radishes in a bunch
I put 'em in my mouth
and started to crunch
And everyone said, "Oh, Henry"

I put on my hat
and went to the store
I bought some groceries and then some more
I dropped the eggs right on the floor
And the cashier said, "Oh, Henry"

I went to the pool
to learn how to swim
And lots of folks were jumpin' in
I saw my grandpa and I waved at him
And then he said, "Oh, Henry"

Oh, Henry! Rap

 Song Credits:

© 1992 Words - JoAnne Nelson
Music – Daniel Deardorff
Lead Vocals – Daniel Deardorff

 Album Credits:

Executive Producers: Comprehensive Health Education Foundation
and Tickle Tune Typhoon®

Produced and Arranged by Daniel Deardorff

Tickle Tune Typhoon® Founding Directors Lorraine Bayes, Dennis Westphall
Engineered by Larz Nefzger - Triad Studios, Redmond, WA

Mastered by Bill Lighter - K Disc Studios, Hollywood, CA

The Tickle Tune Typhoon® Performers:
Lorraine Bayes - Vocals
Dennis Westphall - Guitars, Vocals
Daniel Deardorff - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Sequenced Bass Drums and Orchestration
Angie Bolton - Vocals
Nick Moore - Acoustic Piano and Synthesizers
Richard Warner - Saxophones, Flute and Piccolo

Contributing Musicians:
Bob Marcure - Guitar on "Everybody Has a Story"
Eric Chappelle - Fiddle on "Life Span"
Ed Hartman - Marimba and Percussion on "Playin' It Safe"
Chris Middaugh - Pedal Steel Guitar on "No Tobacco"
Libby Torrence - Vocals on "March of the Germs"
Dan Schmitt - Vocals on "March of the Germs"
Tanya Ferris - Vocals on
"Chew Chew Cha Cha"
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