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Shortenin' Bread Dance

Shortenin' Bread Dance

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Shortenin' Bread Dance
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Mammy's little baby loves shortenin' shortenin'
Mammy's little baby loves shortenin' bread
Move your feet right to the beat
Quarter notes are really neat
1,2,3,4 hmmm 1,2,3,4 hmmm

Walking forward come along
Don't forget to sing this song
Walking backward carefully
Watch your step you won't go wrong
Stepping backwards if you please
Lightly, lightly like the breeze

Now turn around let's slow it down
Put on your hat let's go to town
Movin slower taking my time
Half time now let's put it to rhyme

1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4
Step it to the side now cross your foot over
One in front now one behind
Cross in front then cross behind
If I get mixed up never you mind
Crossing in front, crossing behind
This little step is called the grape vine

Now put on your sneakers, put on your sweats
We're gonna jump double time you bet
1,2,3,4 here we go now
get to the party, get to the show
Zippidy doo dah zippidy yeah
Zippidy doo don't you worry today
Zippidy doo dah zippidy yeah
Zippidy doo let's play let's play

Back to quarter notes like before
Quiet now let's say no more
1,2,3,4 hmmm 1,2,3,4 hmmm

Shortenin' Bread Dance

 Song Credits:

Traditional © 1994 Additional lyrics and adaptation by Lorraine Bayes

 Album Credits:

Founding Directors - Lorraine Bayes and Dennis Westphall

Produced and Arranged by Daniel Deardorff

Engineered by Larz Nefzger

Mastered by John Golden Mastering

Tickle Tune Typhoon Performers:
Lorraine Bayes – Vocals, Autoharp
Dennis Westphall – Vocals, Guitar
Danny Deardorff – Vocals, Mandolin, Harmonica, Conga, Sequenced Bass, Drums and Orchestration
Angie Bolton – Vocals
Richard Warner – Bamboo Flute
Nick Moore – Acoustic Piano and Synthesizers

Contributing Musicians:
Morgan Barry and John Hahn – Pots and Pans
Chuck Deardorff – Bass
Michael Eads – Electric and Accoustic Guitars
Paul Elliott – Violin
Ed Hartman – Marimbas, Vibes, Percussion
April Leona – Background Vocals on Oh Baby Of Mine
Chris Middaugh – Pedal Steel Guitar
Nancy Rumbel - Oboe, English Horn
Murl Allen Sanders – Accordian
Eric Tingstad – Classical Guitar
Libby Torrance – Background Vocals on Tomorrow and Love Round

Cover Illustration – Lisa Bade
Children in Illustration - Hector Mark Heron, Soleil Chappelle, Brita Moore
Graphics and Layout – Wende E. Copfer
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