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Silly Soup

Silly Soup

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Silly Soup
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Silly soup, silly soup
Get your bowl of silly soup
Make it any way you want (make it any way you want)
Get your spoon, grab your pot, put in anything you’ve got

Bring to boil pot of soil, muddy soup for you
Rubber duck, fire truck, chewy, chunky stew
Stir it up, stir it up, put in pollywogs
But never add too many or you’ll get a pot of frogs


For a flavor very new, add your tennis shoe
Put some crunch in your lunch, add a rock or two
Stir it up, stir it up, measure in the worms
They look just like spaghetti ‘cept they squiggle and they squirm


Silly soup looks awful yummy but I’ll never put it in my tummy

Add a slug or a bug, add your hula hoop
Pour in soap if you like eating bubble soup
Stir it up, stir it up , making soup for you
But everybody holds their nose and gives a big P U


Silly soup looks awful yummy but I’ll never put it in my tummy. Yuk

Silly Soup

 Song Credits:

Dennis Westphall - Vocals
Caitlyn Koester - Harpsichord
Tara King, Angie Bolton, Dan Schmitt - Choir
Angie Bolton, Dan Schmidt, Kathy Wilson, Chic Wilson - Group Vocals

 Album Credits:

Composed by Dennis Westphall (BMI)
Founding Directors, Dennis Westphall and Lorraine Bayes
Produced & Arranged by Charlie Wilson
Executive Producer, Kathy Wilson
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Charlie Wilson
at Sonic Zen Records, Oakland, CA
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