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Super Kids

Super Kids

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Super Kids
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Faster than a speeding comet (whish) More powerful than a million sneezes (achoo),
Able to leap tall mountains in a single bound (leap) Look! Up in the sky, it's (gasp)
Louder than the loudest lion (roar) Stronger than a giant bicep (flex)
Able to lift huge boulders with a single finger (lift) Look! Up in the sky it's, (gasp)


Super kids, Super kids can't hurt them naw, naw, naw
Super kids, Super kids can't scare them naw, naw, naw
Super kids, Super kids can't catch them naw, naw, naw
naw, ahh

Super kids have super capes to fly at super speed
Racing with the meteors across the galaxies
They swim the widest ocean in a splashing super flash
They even give those giant whales a ride piggy back


Super kids do super deeds they're always on the go
Their super lungs can knock you down everybody blow (blowing sounds)
With super eyes those Super Kids can see so very far
Their super ears can even hear a whisper from Planet Mars (Super Kids are
superstars! Super Kids are superstars!)


Super kids, Super kids, Super kids, Super kids, Super S on your chest, you're invincible

Super kids do super good they always save the day
Helping out the universe so villains stay away
Scary things and hairy things and creatures in the night
Can never catch a Super Rid cause Super kids
They can run fast as light, Get Set Ready Go

Can't catch them naw, naw, naw

Super Kids

 Song Credits:

Words and Music…Dennis Westphall.
Lead Vocals…Dennis Westphall.
Background Vocals…Lorraine Bayes. Angie Bolton, Dan Schmill

 Album Credits:

Founded & Directed by Lorraine Bayes and Dennis Westphall

The Tickle Tune Typhoon Performers”

Lorraine Bayes--Lead Vocals, Autoharp
Angie Bolton-Lead Vocals, Dance
Andy Blyth-Lead Vocals, Guitar, Banjo
Kathy Gerke--Piano, Synthesizer
Dan Schmitt-Vocals, Bass, Congas, Percussion
Richard Warner-Saxophone, Flutes
Dennis Westphall-Lead Vocals, Guitar

Contributing Musicians:

Bud Brewer--Pedal Steel Guitar
Ken Dalluge-Timbales, Percussion
Danny Deardorff- Vocals, Harmonica
Gary Hillaire-Native American Drum
Rick Johnson--Drums
Barbara Lamb--Fiddle
John Morton--Electric Guitar

Producer--Danny Deardorff

Album Direction and Management-Lorraine Bayes and Dennis Westphall
Recording Engineer—Larry Nefzger
Additional Engineering--David Kaplowitz

Recorded at Triad Studios, Redmond, WA

Mastered by K-Disc Studios, Los Angeles,CA, by John Golden

Tickle Tune's Legal director: Lynn Loacker, Roger Stouder

Cover design: Wilkins & Peterson

Cover photos: Ken Latona Productions
Back Cover Photography shot at Fun Forest Amusement Park at Seattle Center.

All Tunes BMI & Tickle Tune Typhoon Publishing Co.

Tickle Tune Typhoon Recording ©1985.
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