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There Is a Fine Wind Blowing

There Is a Fine Wind Blowing

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There Is a Fine Wind Blowing
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There is a fine wind blowing
The sky begins to clear
Seeing new horizons
Letting go of fear
There is a fine wind blowing
A vision becomes clear
A time that's filled with wisdom
For all who wish to hear
It speaks to us in whispers
A message to reveal

Laughing voice tells us we have a choice
Ways to feel, ways to heal

It teaches us so freely
All that nature knows
We are whole
Heart, body, mind and soul
So many ways to learn and grow


A world of love
A world of love

It teaches us so gently
Opening our lives
You and I awaken to the light
Shining through the children’s eyes

A world of peace
A world of peace
A world of peace


A world of love
A world of love
A world of love

There Is a Fine Wind Blowing

 Song Credits:

Words and Music…Lorraine Bayes, Danny Deardorff
Lead Vocals…Lorraine Bayes, Danny Deardorff
© 1987

 Album Credits:

Musical Arrangements - Danny Deardorff
Horn Arrangements - Richard Warner
String Arrangements and Orchestration of Pearly White Waltz - Nick Moore, Lorraine Bayes, Angie Bolton

All Background Vocals Performed by
Danny Deardorff
Dan Schmitt
Dennis Westphall

Additional Vocalists on
"We've Got The Whole World In our Hands"
Sara Griggs
Kathy Gerke
Richard Warner
Susan Friedrich

The Total Experience Gospel Choir on
"We've Got The Whole World In Our Hands"
Pat Wright - Director
Maghan Stenson
Jai Howard
Patrick Wright
Mikko Staten
Trina Williams
Lulu Strange
Lori Nedd
Gena Brooks
Mary Strange
Yvonne Williams
Jaci White
Kinshusa Staten
Maurice Williams
Lori Utovich
James Connors
Jerred Jones
Gregory Staten
Carlos Brooks
Frehma Dixon
Tanisha Brooks
Angola Dixon

String Section:
Stephan Daniels - Violin
John Pilskog - Violin
Page Smith-Weaver - Cello

Horn Section:
Jack Klitzman - Tenor Sax
Dewey Marler - Baritone Sax
Terry Thompson - Trumpet

John Morton - Electric Guitar

Children's Chorus on "Let's Be Friends" and "My Body Belongs To Me"
Tory Friedrich
Tawnya Hillaire
Nicole Counts
Justine Webster
Olivia Webster
Benjamin Drummond
Nicholas Drummond
Carmen Staaf
Anton Staaf
Bridget Wilson
Charlie Wilson
Suni Mae Dunlap - Deardorff
Piper Dunlap - Deardorff
Reszi Dunlap - Deardorff
Kaimi Dunlap - Deardorff
Star Craiq
Krystal Craig
Julie Craig

Special Thanks to: Debbie Gilbert and Joanne Petroff from Whistlestop Dance Co. for dance performance and choreography.

Dan Mortenson - Live concert sound

Don and Joan Westphall for their work, support and love.

Lynn Locker, Roger Stouder, and Robert Krinsky
for legal advice and direction.

Jerilyn Brusseau, George Terek and Jane Bakken for helping us with the Russian song “Let the Sun Shine Forever”.
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