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Tickle Tune Typhoon Theme

Tickle Tune Typhoon Theme

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Tickle Tune Typhoon Theme
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It’s comin’ up the street down through the alley
Over the hills and into the valley
And you might even find it in your neighborhood
It’s the funny fun phenomenon that feels so good

It’s the Tickle Tune Typhoon
(Comin’ at’cha)(tickle tickle)
The Tickle Tune Typhoon
Makes you want to sing, laugh, and play
Dance away the afternoon

It’s the Tickle Tune Typhoon
(Comin’ at’cha)(tickle tickle)
The Tickle Tune Typhoon
Nobody wants to run away from the
Tickle Tune Typhoon

So if you get the giggles and you just can’t stop
You’re bodi-di-dy iggles to the bop-bi-dy bop
You feel yourself singin’ and you like it a lot
Hey I don’t need to tell ya that you
Just got caught…by the


You never can tell if and when it might happen
Your fingers start snappin’ and your toes are tappin’
And if it gets a’hold of any one of u
You know the rest of us will catch it
‘Cause it’s highly contagious

Tickle Tune Typhoon Theme

 Song Credits:

Words and Music…Tim Noah
Lead Vocals…Dennis Wesphall
Lorraine Bayes
Background Vocals…Dan Schmitt
Angie Bolton
Andy Blyth
Steve Koenig
Bass…Dan Schmitt
Piano…Kathy Gerke
Saxophone…Richard Warner
Synthesizer…Dan Foster
Harmonica…Danny Deardorff
Electric Guitar…John Garborit
Drums…Chriss Leighton
© 1982

 Album Credits:

Recording Credits:

Tickle Tune Typhoon founding directors and executive producers:Lorraine Bayes and Dennis Westphall
Recording Producer - Danny Deardorff
Recording engineer - Larry Nefzger
Recorded at Triad Studios, Redmond WA
Mastered at K Disc Studios - Los Angeles, CA by John Golden
Cover Photography by Tom McMackin

The Tickle Tune Typhoon Performers:

Lorraine Bayes - Lead Vocals, Autoharp
Dennis Westphall - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Angie Bolton - Vocals, Dance/Movement direction
Andy Blyth - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo
Kathy Gerke - Piano, Synthesizer
Dan Schmitt - Vocals, Bass, Congas, Percussion
Richard Warner - Saxophone, Flute

Contributing Musicians:

Danny Deardorff - Vocals, Mandolin
Dan Foster - Synthesizer
John Gaborit - Electric Guitar
Chris Leighton - Drums
Moyes Lucas Jr. - Drums
John Morton - Electric Guitar
Eric Tingstad - Classical Guitar
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