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Many, many ways for transportation
Start with your feet, walk place to place
Some ride an elephant, some ride a horse
Some ride a camel or donkey
See how they move me

Bicycle, tricycle, unicycle, motorcycle
All kinds of wheels roll under me
Ricksha, rollerblades, wheelchair, rollerskates
Wagons, trailers, carry me
See how they move me
Minivan, sedan, station wagon, school bus
RVs, cars, pickup trucks
Skateboard, snowboard, paddleboard, surfboard
Sailboard, ice skates, sled or skis
See how they move me

Steamboat, motorboat, paddleboat, rowboat
Sailboat, tugboat, ferry or canoe
Battleship, big ship, hydrofoil
A submarine will move you too

Freight train, bullet train, monorail, subway
Streetcar, trolleycar, riding the rails
Airplane, seaplane, biplane, jet plane
Helicopter, airship, rocketship
See how they move me

Here and there and everywhere, see how they move me


 Song Credits:

© 1990 Music and Lyrics by Dennis Westphall

 Album Credits:

Produced and arranged by Danny Deardorff

Engineered by Larz Nefzger

Tickle Tune Typhoon Performers
Lorraine Bayes – Vocals – Autoharp
Dennis Westphall – Vocals – Guitar
Danny Deardorff – Vocals – Mandolin – Sequences
Angie Bolton – Vocals
Nick Moore – Piano – Keyboards
Richard Warner – Saxophone – Flute

Contributing Musicians
Nancy Rumbel – English Horn – Oboe – Ocarinas
Eric Tingstad – Classical and Accoustic Guitar
Eric Chappelle – Fiddle
Michael Eads – Electric Guitar
John Morton – Electric Guitar
Chris Middaugh – Pedal Steel Guitar
Murl Allen Sanders – Accordian
Ed Hartman – Percussion and Marimba
Randy Johnson, Kelly Harland, Tonya Ferris – Guest vocalists on Harvest Blessing
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