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Tree Dancin'

Tree Dancin'

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Tree Dancin'
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Come with me..I'll take your hand to…Tree Dancin' Tree Dancin'
I've heard stories of dancin' trees it's true
Let's walk into the woods in search of…Tree Dancin' Tree Dancin'
Surely they would like to dance with you

Pine trees point up as they grow up way above the ground
Tree Dancin’…Tree Dancin'
Give your favorite tree a hug just swing your branches round
Tree Dancin’…Tree Dancin'
Willows like to sway all day and you can hear them
Always say,"Tap your roots .... Tap your roots
Now let your branches play.”

Boughs to the left, Boughs to the right, Shake your leafy limbs
Tree Dancin’…Tree Dancin'
Bend your trunk round and round…Now do it with a friend
Tree Dancin’…Tree Dancin'
You're be bop trees just shootin' the breeze
Now shake them wooden knees

Then spread your leaves into the breeze
And you'll be free
Just spread your leaves into the breeze
And you'll be ....

I just want to be Tree Dancin'
I would rather stand here and sway
I would rather be Tree Dancin'
Waving my branches all day


Tree Dance Dancing
Tree Dance Dancing

All together we can make a forest
Shake a branch of your leafy friends
And trees they like to sing in every chorus
While dancing on every mountain


I would rather be Tree Dancing
I would rather waltz with a fir tree
I would rather be tree dancing
Dancing all over the earth

Tree Dancin'

 Song Credits:

Words and Music...Dennis Westphall
Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar....Dennis Westphall
Background Vocals.... Lorraine Bayes and Danny Deardorff
Bass…Dan Schmitt
Piano Synthesizer and Rhodes...Kathy Gerke
Saxophone and Flute....Richard Warner
Banjo... Andy Blyth
Drums…Moyes Lucas Jr.
© 1982

 Album Credits:

Recording Credits:

Tickle Tune Typhoon founding directors and executive producers:Lorraine Bayes and Dennis Westphall
Recording Producer - Danny Deardorff
Recording engineer - Larry Nefzger
Recorded at Triad Studios, Redmond WA
Mastered at K Disc Studios - Los Angeles, CA by John Golden
Cover Photography by Tom McMackin

The Tickle Tune Typhoon Performers:

Lorraine Bayes - Lead Vocals, Autoharp
Dennis Westphall - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Angie Bolton - Vocals, Dance/Movement direction
Andy Blyth - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo
Kathy Gerke - Piano, Synthesizer
Dan Schmitt - Vocals, Bass, Congas, Percussion
Richard Warner - Saxophone, Flute

Contributing Musicians:

Danny Deardorff - Vocals, Mandolin
Dan Foster - Synthesizer
John Gaborit - Electric Guitar
Chris Leighton - Drums
Moyes Lucas Jr. - Drums
John Morton - Electric Guitar
Eric Tingstad - Classical Guitar
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