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Uh Huh

Uh Huh

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Uh Huh
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I want a new pet
Something unique
No pets with fur
No fins, no beak
So my mama says if the neighbors don’t fuss
I get a pet hippopotamus

Uh Huh (uh uh)
Uh Huh (uh uh)
Well I’m tellin’ you straight
I don’t exaggerate
Uh Huh

Well I had a loose tooth
One day it pulled free
Underneath my pillow
I hid it oh so carefully
Well the tooth fairy came after I’d gone to bed
She left a million, zillion, jillion dollars
Under my head

You can make exaggeration
With a great imagination
But if you’re wantin’ to have someone
Believe in you
You gotta say what’s true. That’s right

Well I asked my grandma
Where did I come from?
She said I was flown in by a stork
But grandpa said I sprouted from
A watermelon seed my mom
Swallowed by mistake
My older sister said
I crawled out of the slime
My dad said I was hatched
But I told them
I was a baby in my mama’s womb
I made her belly bulge
Till it was as big as this room

Well I’m tellin’ you straight
I don’t exaggerate
And I’m tellin’ you why
Cause I’m an honest kind of guy
And that’s no lie. Oh yeah

Uh Huh

 Song Credits:

© 1990 Music and Lyrics by Dennis Westphall

 Album Credits:

Produced and arranged by Danny Deardorff

Engineered by Larz Nefzger

Tickle Tune Typhoon Performers
Lorraine Bayes – Vocals – Autoharp
Dennis Westphall – Vocals – Guitar
Danny Deardorff – Vocals – Mandolin – Sequences
Angie Bolton – Vocals
Nick Moore – Piano – Keyboards
Richard Warner – Saxophone – Flute

Contributing Musicians
Nancy Rumbel – English Horn – Oboe – Ocarinas
Eric Tingstad – Classical and Accoustic Guitar
Eric Chappelle – Fiddle
Michael Eads – Electric Guitar
John Morton – Electric Guitar
Chris Middaugh – Pedal Steel Guitar
Murl Allen Sanders – Accordian
Ed Hartman – Percussion and Marimba
Randy Johnson, Kelly Harland, Tonya Ferris – Guest vocalists on Harvest Blessing
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