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Welcome Back To Tickle Tune! 

Celebrating 40 Years of Making Music For Children and Families

Since 1982, Tickle Tune Typhoon has brought music to kids and their families — music that is joyful, educational, motivational, and transformational! TTT has inspired a generation of children, igniting their language skills, socio-emotional evolution, humor development, and body and mind integration.

New Album Out Now!


The new album, Born to Be Child, is here! What are you waiting for...


Search and Buy the Full Tickle Tune Catalog Right Here!

The group has been recognized throughout the country as a leader in children’s music, receiving 11 national awards, regular features on the Disney Channel, and collaborations with multiple educational programs for health and environmental awareness. Now, TTT returns with music for a new generation, once again inviting little ones to listen, sing, dance, imagine and learn.

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