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Born to Be Child

Latest and Greatest Tickle Tune Release (2023)

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In 1983, we began recording our first album as Tickle Tune Typhoon – a multifaceted group of musicians, songwriters and dancers from the Seattle area.  We had no idea we were embarking on an adventure that would span decades and produce many award-winning albums – bringing people of all ages together to sing, dance and learn.


Many songs I wrote for the group to perform were never recorded, and have been sitting in a drawer for years. Born To Be Child is a sampling of these anatomy sing-alongs, lullabies, and general silliness. A big thank you to all of the musicians, especially Angie Bolton and Dan Schmitt, original band members, for their invaluable performances. And a shout out to Lorraine Bayes, co-director of Tickle Tune Typhoon, who is part of this project in spirit. This album exists because of the friendship and generosity of two lifelong fans, Kathy and Chic Wilson, and because of the creativity of their son, Charlie Wilson, producer and engineer, who grew up dancing to Tickle Tune – I am eternally grateful for your vision and support.


I hope you have as much fun in the listening and the dancing as we had in the creating. 


-- Dennis Westphall

Album Credits:

Released: Tickle Tune Typhoon Recording ©2023

All songs composed by Dennis Westphall (BMI)

Founding Directors, Dennis Westphall and Lorraine Bayes

Produced & Arranged by Charlie Wilson

Executive Producer, Kathy Wilson

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Charlie Wilson 

at Sonic Zen Records, Oakland, CA


Dennis Westphall—Vocals, Guitar

Angie Bolton—Vocals

Dan Schmitt—Bass, Vocals

Tara King—Vocals

Molly Benson—Vocals

Charlie Wilson—Trombone, Upright bass, Percussion, Vocals

Erik Yates —Clarinet, Flute

Graham Patzner—Electric Guitar, Violin

Lewis Patzner—Cello

Tony Glaser—Bass

Thomas McCree—Drums

James Foster—Drums

Ajayi Jackson—Bassoon, Congas, Percussion, Washboard

Jonathan Korty—Hammond organ, Piano

Caitlyn Koester —Harpsichord

Guy de Chalus —Balafon

Nancy Rumbel—Ocarina

Catalog Number: TTT CD-011
UPC Code: 195269243098

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